Instructor Contract

In support of the Center for Digital Innovation in the Humanities’ mission–and because future participation in CDIH/use of CDIH classrooms will be competitive–participants must meet the following requirements*:

1.) Provide evidence of digital instruction (broadly defined), for instance, through assigning digital, “multimodal” forms of writing/research, performance, programming, publication, communication, and more.

2.) Actively apply to teach (or provide evidence of having taught) in networked classrooms, for instance, Ratcliffe 200 and/or Trible Library 208 at Christopher Newport University.

3.) Contribute to the CDIH in the form of:

a) syllabi (one per year)

b) lesson plans (one per semester)

c) student publications/significant course website additions (one per year)

d) event and meeting attendance (e.g., mandatory “Getting Started Week” orientation and two relevant events like campus speakers, pedagogical training sessions/workshops, or class project showcases)


e) posting technology links or readings to the CDIH website (one per semester)


f) making significant contributions on CDIH social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

g) collaborating with a librarian to integrate information literacy learning outcomes into digital assignments

h) other relevant contributions or practices (e.g., taking pedagogical advantage of Trible Library’s media center)

*These criteria will be used to determine future participation in CDIH and use of CDIH classroom space.

Note: the CDIH strongly encourages–and has administrative support for–listing activities linked to the above criteria on EVAL-6 forms under teaching, publication, or service.