Engl123 Course Readings

Week of 8/31: Media Monitoring (possibly discuss on 9/4 (journal checkpoint day))


Week of 9/7: Digital Labor? (Are you a digital citizen or a digital laborer?)


Week of 9/14:

9/14: Autoethnography

How We’re Priming Some Kids for College–And Others for Prison, Alice Goffman (this is about her ethnographic work, something like this might be necessary to situate what ethnography is and how autoethnography is different?)


Group Readings (Each group reads one article):


9/16: Filter Bubbles


Week of 9/21

9/21: Race and Class / The Digital Divide / Could Net Neutrality go here?


9/23: Gender and Sexuality


Week of 9/28

9/28: Government, Information, and Privacy (including Net Neutrality?)


9/30: Social Media Activism


Week of 10/5: Open and Closed Information Systems


Week of 10/12: Big Data and Visualization


Week of 10/26: Wikipedia


Week of 10/30: Creative Commons and Intellectual Property


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