DWILI Student Publications

Student Professional Websites

(engl353: Writing for the Professions)


Vortex(t): (re)Inventing and Delivering Information (Blog)

Posts on Info.production, Info.analysis, Info.advocacy

(engl123: First-Year Writing Seminar)


Tsunami: Incensing Information, Trans-disciplinary Navigation (Blog)

Wikipedia, Genius, Presentation/Video-series

(engl223: Second-Year Writing Seminar, idst270: Introduction to Digital Humanities)


Maelstrom: Writing Digital Activism (Blog)

Social Media, Infographics, Timelines/Maps, Memorials

(engl350: Writing for Digital Humanities)


Peninsula: Enriching Community through Qualitative Inquiry (Blog)

Recommendation Reports based in Qualitative Research

(engl353: Writing for the Professions)


Wayves: Critical Theoretical Inquiry

Essays on Critical Literary, Cultural, and Rhetorical Theory

(engl308: Literature, Theory, and Culture)


DWILI Instructor Publications


DWILI Recommends the Following Unaffiliated CNU Student Publications:


The Captain’s Log

CNU’s Student Newspaper


The Cupola: Journal of Undergraduate Research (Faculty-Reviewed)

Download CNU’s 2014cupola

(Multidiscipinary; Selected by CNU’s Undergraduate & Graduate Research Committee)


Currents: A Journal of Art and Literature (Internally-Reviewed)

Creative Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Photographs/Reproductions


“Documenting Disaster: A Campus Newspaper Pieces Together a Torn Community”

An Independent Film by CNU Students on the Virginia Tech Shootings of April 16, 2007


Lookout: A Creative Non-fiction Magazine & More

Journalism, Non-fiction, and Multimedia Projects


The Wisdom of Age Project

Documentary Studies in prose, photography, and video

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